I wanted a tumblr separate from my main one just for music. I always have music playing when I'm at home and in my room. Usually it's from my tumblr since I'm too lazy to download all of the songs that I like. This is just to make things easier for me. I hope you like it, I guess(:
Music I Thought Was Worth Reblogging.
  • End Of The Road (Feat. Mat Musto)
End Of The Road (Feat. Mat Musto) by Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up
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Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John

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  • Strange Clouds (feat. Lil Wayne)
Strange Clouds (feat. Lil Wayne) by B.o.B
Strange Clouds (feat. Lil Wayne) - Single
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  • Future Tidings
Future Tidings by Gemini Club
Future Tidings
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by All Time Low


My Only One | All Time Low | Dirty Work (2012)

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  • Well Known ft. KAM Royal
Well Known ft. KAM Royal by G-Eazy
The Endless Summer


we played this shit at the Lung Rager pt. 1 and people went nuts. no one really knew the song but they all loved it, everyone was livin it. 

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  • Tell 'Em
Tell 'Em by Sleigh Bells


Song Of The Day
”Tell ‘Em” 
by Sleigh Bells

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  • Blessed Soul
Blessed Soul by Merriment
Through the Rough - EP


Blessed Soul | Merriment

and if you choose to let me love you, our love, our love would reach the sky. no bounds, no bones, no breaks, no trials. just you, just me. our love goes free.

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봄날, 벚꽃 그리고 너(Spring, cherry blossoms and you) - 에피톤 프로젝트

so pretty(:

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  • honey
honey by BoomSnake


i’m gonna love you so much

you won’t have to be loved by anybody else